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Workhorse HPLC Column for Cannabis Potency Analysis, 150mm x 4.6mm 5um

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The Simplest, Most Robust HPLC Cannabis Potency Analysis in the Industry.

While the latest and greatest column technology is sexy and interesting, it doesn't currently provide any benefits for cannabis potency analysis - and it comes at a significant cost. Emerald's 150mm x 4.6mm, 5µm Workhorse HPLC column incorporates a simple design, proven technology, and in-depth method development to provide the cannabis industry with an affordable, reliable way to generate quality potency data on any HPLC instrument.

  • Isocratic analysis: Isocratic methods are favored by the pharmaceutical industry because they don't require expensive LC instrumentation, they transfer instantly to any instrument, and they result in minimal pump wear due to minimal backpressure (< 1600 psi/110 bar using recommended method conditions)
  • Comparable cycle time: Analyze all common cannabinoids in a total cycle time of 8 minutes, and perform a comprehensive separation of 11 cannabinoids is 16 minutes. Click the link below for example chromatograms and conditions.
  • Robust design: the silica and frits of the Workhorse Potency Column are designed to reduce clogging and increase column lifetime.

The recommended dimensions for the Workhorse HPLC Column for Cannabis Potency Analysis are 150mm x 4.6mm, 5µm (PN SULC01029-565). Contact technical service at 877-567-3598 ext. 2 to request alternate dimensions.

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Click here for example chromatogram and instrument conditions

Click here for extraction protocol for plant and concentrates

Click here for prep sheet for comprehensive cannabinoid list