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MediaBox Butterfield's Phosphate Diluent

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MediaBox Butterfield's Phosphate Diluent

MediaBox™ is a cost-effective, easy to use, solution for any laboratory requiring liquid culture media on demand. MediaBox™ provides fresh, sterile media in an easy-to-handle, stackable storage box with an internal bladder. The convenient box packaging and long shelf life make MediaBox™ simple to use and store.

MediaBox™ is perfect for busy labs that rely on liquid media for critical testing. It also provides a reliable back up for labs that make their own media. For small labs lacking staff and equipment for in-house media production, MediaBox™ provides ready to use liquid culture media at an affordable price.

  • Collapsible bladder in easy-to-store box
  • Completely recyclable, environmentally friendly
  • Readily available source of fresh, sterile media
  • Ready-to-use
  • Cost effective
  • Autoclavable adapters and tubing sets are available
  • Long shelf life (6 months)

MediaBox™ comes fitted with a sterile (capped) male quick-connect adapter for easy dispensing.