Massachusetts Pesticide Standard

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Disclaimer: For long-term storage, this product should be kept frozen. However, this product has been tested after being shipped without ice and determined to retain its quality.
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Weight 1.00 LBS

Custom reference material formulated to meet the minimum analysis requirements for pesticides in Massachusetts's Medical Marijuana Program

 Product Details:

  • Matrix: LC-MS Acetonitrile
  • Volume: 1 mL
  • Packaging: 2 mL Amber Ampule
  • Storage: Freezer
Compounds (1000 µg/mL)
Bifenazate 149877-41-8
Bifenthrin 82657-04-3
Cyfluthrin (Baythroid) 68359-37-5
Etoxazole 153233-91-1
Imazalil 35554-44-0
Imidacloprid 138261-41-3
Myclobutanil (Systhane) 88671-89-0
Spiromesifen 283594-90-1
Trifloxystrobin 141517-21-7