Fritsch Pulverisette 19 Universal Cutting Mill System

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Optimized for Cannabis Processing

FRITSCH PULVERISETTE 19 Precision Cutting Mill SystemTM

System Includes:

  • Pulverisette 19 Universal Cutting Mill 100-120 V
  • Variable speed motor
  • V-Groove Cutting Rotor
  • Standard Funnel for long & bulk solids
  • Collection Vessel stainless steel (56L Kettle or 60L stainless steel drum)
  • High Performance Sample Exhaust System with Cyclone Separator Stainless Steel
  • Cyclone Sample Collection System - stainless steel, with vacuum
  • Sieve Cassettes Set of 4 Stainless Steel: 6mm, 4mm, 2mm, and 1mm
  • Aluminum Stand with Casters
  • Dremel Cleaning Kit Tool
  • Vacuum supply for cyclone 


The PULVERISETTE 19 (P19) precision cutting mill system has been optimized for cannabis processing based on direct cannabis industry collaborations & feedback. It is a premium alternative to using kitchen blenders, leaf cutters, or hammer mills.

Applications / Benefits

  • Maximize CO2 extraction yield
  • Create premium pre-rolls or edible/topical ingredients
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Maintain chemical profile throughout processing
  • Reduced risk of cross contamination between batches
  • Greater operator safety
  • Built to last

Performance Advantages

  • Adjustable, controllable particle size output with tight particle size distribution
  • Reproducible performance regardless of end user
  • High-throughput, continuous processing: > 1 lb per min. avg.
  • Dust-free, easy to clean - stainless steel product contact surfaces
  • Cyclone sample collection system provides heat mitigation and prevents resin build up

Fast solution for all your needs

With a maximum feed size of 70 x 80 mm, a throughput quantity of up 60 l/h and a rotor speed of 2,800 rpm, comminutes the FRITSCH Universal Cutting Mill PULVERISETTE 19 quickly and effectively dry soft to medium-hard sample materials, as well as fibrous materials and plastics with reliable reproducible results and like all FRITSCH Cutting Mills is also unmatched in regards to simple and fast cleaning. One special advantage: Straw, films and similar materials can be fed in up to their full length without additional preparation. And the PULVERISETTE 19 is also ideal for RoHS tests.

Working Principle Cutting
Optimal for Material Type Medium-hard, soft, brittle, tough, fibrous samples
Cutting Tools Rotor with V-cutting edges and fixed knives, rotor with straight cutting edges and fixed knives, disk milling cutter rotor with indexable inserts and fixed knives
Cutting Tools Materials Hardened stainless steel, hardmetal tungsten carbide, chromium-free tool steel, stainless steel 316L, chromium-free steel DC01
Max. Feed Size (depending on the material and funnel) 70 x 80 mm
Max. throughput (depending on the material and sieve size) 60 l/h
Final fineness (depends on sieve cassette) 0.2 - 6 mm
Feeding Batchwise/continuous
Rotor speed (depending on voltage and frequency) 2,800/3,400 rpm
Rotor peripheral speed (depending on voltage and frequency) 14.92 / 17.9 m/s 
order no. 19.1030.00, 19.1020.00, 19.1010.00.57/ 1.88 m/s
order no. 19.1080.00
Electrical details 400 V/3~, 50/60 Hz, 1790 Watt
Emission sound pressure level at the workplace according to DIN EN ISO 3746 (depending on the material to be ground, rotor and sieve insert used) Approx. LpAd = 78 dB 
order no. 19.1030.00, 19.1020.00, 19.1010.00
approx. LpAd = 75 dB
order no. 19.1080.00
Weight 56 kg
65 kg - order no. 19.1080.00
Dimensions (W x D x H)

Table mounted or on support frame

  • 45 x 55 x 63 cm
  • 45 x 62 x 63 cm

order no. 19.1080.00





Application Note: Optimizing Cannabis Extraction Yield by Precision Milling

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