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Emerald Oregon and Washington GC Cannabis Pesticide Mix 3

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Disclaimer: For long-term storage, this product should be kept frozen. However, this product has been tested after being shipped without ice and determined to retain its quality.
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Emerald Scientific strives to provide you with all the tools you need to comply with Oregon and Washington’s cannabis pesticide testing requirements.

This mix was formulated based upon Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 333-00710-0400: Table 3. Pesticide analytes and their action level (effective May 31, 2017).

Please see HERE for a comparison between the pesticide analytes required for cannabis testing in Oregon, and Emerald Scientific’s custom certified reference materials (Emerald Oregon and Washington Cannabis Pesticides Kit).

In addition to being suitable for Oregon's pesticide testing, this mix is compatible with Washington's quality assurance guidelines established in Washington Administrative Code (WAC) WAC 314-55-108 Pesticide Action Levels.

Please click HERE for a comparison between Emerald's Oregon and Washington Cannabis Pesticides Testing Kit & Washington's pesticide regulations for cannabis testing.

23 Part Mix for GC Analysis - Manufactured under ISO 17025 guidelines

Part Number: STPS01020

Compounds: 1,000µg/mL in Acetonitrile

Compound CAS#
Bifenthrin 82657-04-3
Boscalid 188425-85-6
Chlorfenapyr 122453-73-0
Chlorpyrifos 2921-88-2
Baythroid 68359-37-5
Cypermethrin 52315-07-8
Diazinon 333-41-5
Prophos 13194-48-4
Fipronil 120068-37-3
Kresoxim-Methyl 143390-89-0
Metalaxyl 57837-19-1
Methyl parathion 298-00-0
MGK 264 (a=81% b=19%) 113-48-4
Paclobutrazol 76738-62-0
Permethrin (c=39% t=59%) 52645-53-1
Piperonyl butoxide 51-03-6
Prallethrin (mix of isomers) 23031-36-9
Baygon (Propoxur) 114-26-1
Phosmet (Imidan) 732-11-6
Pyrethrins (mix of isomers) 8003-34-7
Pyridaben 96489-71-3
Trifloxystrobin 141517-21-7
Bifenazate 149877-41-8


Product Information:

Volume: 1 mL
Packed in: 1mL Amber ampule

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