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What You Need to Know Before Starting a Cannabis Lab

Day dreaming about starting your own cannabis lab? There's more to it than meets the eye and you'll want to get some insight first. In December, the Cannabis Industry Journal hosted a virtual conference to get insight from some of the industry's top lab experts, including our own Amanda Rigdon. 

The entire conference is available online for free—that's nearly 5 hours of just cannabis lab talk! Here's what it's about: 

From getting started with purchasing decisions to ongoing regulatory compliance, there are a lot of uncertainties in getting a cannabis lab running. This virtual conference intends to dispel some of the myths about the testing market and provide practical, hands-on advice for those running a cannabis lab or those looking to start a lab. In this free, interactive virtual conference, you will hear from lab directors and subject matter experts in a variety of areas addressing the most pressing issues in cannabis testing.

via Cannabis Industry Journal

It's free for anyone to view and a must see if you've ever considered starting a cannabis lab. Watch now.