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Sonication - The Ultimate Cleaning Solution for Cannabis Residue

Sonication - The Ultimate Cleaning Solution for Cannabis Residue

Jul 26th 2018

You’re probably familiar with ultrasonic energy as an excellent method to clean lab equipment. Labs have used ultrasonic cleaners since the 1950’s as a way to remove contaminants from virtually any product. But many cannabusinesses are turning to ultrasonic energy to extract and process their cannabis products, too. What does ultrasonic processing offer over other traditional methods, like ethanol extraction? Read on to learn more. 

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Kirsten Blake Explains Ultrasonic Energy & Cannabis Production

Kirsten Blake

Kirsten Blake, Director of Sales and Business Development at Emerald Scientific, recently co-authored an excellent article in Cannabis Science and Technology on the uses of ultrasonic energy for cannabis production and quality control. In the article, the authors explain how ultrasonic tech works, how it's applied to cannabis production, and its numerous advantages in cleaning, processing, and quality control. 

We’ll summarize the key points in this post, but we encourage you to read this article for an in-depth look at the details of ultrasonic energy and its lab applications.

Ultrasonic Tech in Cannabis Production

While ultrasonic tech is most commonly used as a cleaning tool, cannabis labs have recently started using ultrasonic cleaners as a way to refine their cannabis products. The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) has long specified ultrasonic extraction (sonication) as the best way to extract pharmaceutical ingredients from carriers for testing. Sonication is proven to be one of the most reliable ways to extract what analytical testing labs need for sample preparation.

By vibrating the cannabis product at the desired ultrasonic frequency, the product is homogenized, emulsified, and degassed efficiently. This degassing is especially useful in achieving stable volume for cannabis oils.

Advantages of Ultrasonic Energy  

Ultrasonic energy offers a broad variety of advantages in both cannabis testing and production labs. 

Ultrasonic extractors use ultrasonic waves to push the product out through vibration, so no solvents are necessary. This method is much more scalable, and sonication produces one of the highest-quality products. This Cannabis Tech article says, "Ultrasonic extractors, also referred to as ultrasonic emulsifiers, are part of the new wave of extraction science."

Easily Clean Glassware and Processing Equipment

Tovatech Ultrasonic Cleaners

Once you invest in an ultrasonic cleaner, you’ll own a piece of equipment that can process cannabis in addition to cleaning any lab supplies. Sonication is the best choice for cleaning organic residue from cannabis from glassware and other lab supplies. Cannabis' viscous oils and resins are very tough to remove completely using other cleaning methods.

Ultrasonic vibrations cause microscopic bubbles to form. These bubbles implode to safely blast the stuck-on contaminants loose. This process is effective on even the most embedded material.

Advanced applications include cleaning ion targets in mass spectrometers, preparing oil emulsions, degassing high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) solvents, bubbling off ethanol before oil distillation, and removing cannabis' resistent gums and waxes from glassware used in production. 

Ultrasonic Baths are a two-in-one Solution for Your Cannabis Lab

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