Our Proficiency Tests Are Approved for Colorado Regulatory Compliance!

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Emerald Scientific Proficiency Tests Approved for Colorado Regulatory Compliance in Cannabis Testing

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif., Sept. 22, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The Emerald Test, a program initiated by Emerald Scientific to improve cannabis testing laboratory performance since 2014 was recently approved in Colorado as a third party provider for the proficiency testing program for licensed testing facilities. Colorado is one of many states to require proficiency testing in order for cannabis laboratories to be certified to conduct required testing of cannabis products for quality, content and consumer safety. The contract was awarded after an extensive evaluation process conducted by the Department of Revenue, Marijuana Enforcement Division to determine which applicants were best able to meet the rigorous performance standards required for compliance with regulatory expectations for proficiency testing.

As states develop regulations to improve cannabis consumer safety, proficiency testing is becoming a linchpin to the determination of laboratory fitness. Proficiency testing is used to measure how accurately laboratories perform, and is used in many industries such as food safety and forensic testing as a critical tool for quality assurance. The Emerald Test program measures the accuracy of individual labs as well as comparing their results to other labs for indicators of variability and performance improvement. The Emerald Test "meets the audit criteria for the proficiency test participation requirement for the accreditation" according to one ISO 17025 accreditation provider. The proficiency test is a key component of quality assurance, which is a major requirement for labs seeking ISO 17025 accreditation.

Held twice yearly, The Emerald Test is a proficiency test and an inter-laboratory comparison (ILC-PT), allowing data to be collected pertaining to the performance of laboratories on a national scale. Testing labs across the United States are signing up for the Fall 2017 Emerald Test ILC/PT in an effort to advance quality assurance in the industry, meet regulatory requirements and achieve ISO 17025 accreditation. Cannabis testing labs can enroll in the Fall Emerald Test beginning September 25th to participate. Go to the The Emerald Test website for additional information.

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