MJ Business Daily and Emerald Scientific Partner to Produce the MJBizCon Science Symposium in Las Vegas

Emerald Scientific, the host of the annual Emerald Conference, has announced its collaboration with Marijuana Business Daily to present the MJBizCon Science Symposium November 15 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Science Symposium is a full day add-on to the 5th Annual Marijuana Business Conference & Expo, one of the longest-running and largest conferences in the cannabis industry.

“We’re thrilled to be working with the team at Marijuana Business Daily on this project,” says Ken Snoke, President of Emerald Scientific. “We feel strongly that a deep technical knowledge of this plant and its key compounds will benefit all who attend the main conference. Whether you’re a first-time investor or a seasoned producer, you stand to gain so much from this content.”

George Jage, president and publisher of Marijuana Business Daily, said: “Science drives innovation and business, and the cannabis industry is no different. We are excited to tap Emerald Scientific’s expertise to create this unique science program, which facilitates understanding of both broad-based applications and in-depth knowledge, in conjunction with the leading business conference event for the industry.”

The Science Symposium will present six sessions, including plant anatomy, cannabinoids and terpenes, pests and disease, extraction science, lab testing, and therapeutic research. Each session will include an educational overview of the subject followed by an in-depth case study, providing technical breadth and depth from leading professors, researchers, and experts in the field.

Emerald Scientific will continue to host the Emerald Conference, with the 3rd annual meeting to take place in San Diego in February of 2017. “We really felt this was a perfect complement to the Emerald Conference,” said Cliff Beneventi, Chief Operating Officer of Emerald Scientific. “The highly technical content of the Emerald Conference is directed towards the scientific community, while the Science Symposium presents an opportunity to reach a much broader business-oriented audience with this important information.”

For more information and to register for the MJBizCon Science Symposium or the 5th Annual Marijuana Business Conference and Expo, visit www.MJBizConference.com.

About Marijuana Business Daily

Founded in 2011, Marijuana Business Daily is the most trusted independent publisher and event producer serving America’s cannabis industry entrepreneurs and investors. They offer unbiased business analysis, research, trends, and breaking stories, daily. Recent recognition and awards include ranking #302 on Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest-growing privately held businesses, Trade Show Executive’s fastest-growing event, and Folio Magazine’s Women in Media award for Entrepreneurship.

About Emerald Scientific

Emerald Scientific offers industry-leading equipment, reagents, supplies and services to cannabis testing and extraction facilities, enabling laboratories to improve results and streamline workflow. Twice per year the company organizes The Emerald Test®, an Inter-laboratory Comparison Proficiency Test. It also hosts The Emerald Conference, an annual scientific meeting for scientists, policy makers, producers, and other key members of the cannabis industry.