Emerald’s Terpene Proficiency Test: Confirm What Your Nose Knows

While not as well-understood as cannabinoids, terpenes are almost wholly responsible for the character and one-of-a-kind olfactory experience of cannabis. In addition imparting that unmistakable smell to cannabis, terpenes are believed to be partially responsible for the differing range of physiological effects that can be observed from the use of different strains of cannabis. Even though cannabis terpene testing is not required in most states, many producers and consumers wish to know the total terpene content and overall terpene profile of their cannabis products because a rich terpene profile can increase the value of the product or may impart desired effects.

Unfortunately, cannabis terpene testing is not as straightforward as cannabis potency testing (which isn’t super straightforward in itself!), and laboratories can struggle to produce quality terpene results. Proficiency tests can help laboratories improve their methods and are often used as an internal QC for tests that aren’t state required like terpene testing. In a nutshell, a proficiency test consists of a sample containing known concentrations of the analytes in question. The laboratory then tests the sample and compares their experimental values against the known values to see how close they got to the true value. Proficiency tests are invaluable for dialing in methods and are a cornerstone of many accreditation strategies.

Until now, no applicable terpene proficiency tests were available to the cannabis industry, mainly because terpene testing is not required by many states. However, due to high demand, Emerald Scientific has developed an in-matrix terpene test to help laboratories dial in their terpene methods and show off their mad quantification skills.

The Terpene Test consists of a hemp oil sample fortified with ten of the most commonly-analyzed terpenes in the cannabis industry at concentration ratios representative of cannabis flower samples.

  1. a-pinene0 : 2000µg/g
  2. b-pinene0 : 2000µg/g
  3. b-myrcene0 : 2000µg/g
  4. 3-carene0 : 2000µg/g
  5. a-terpinene0 : 2000µg/g
  6. d-limonene0 : 2000µg/g
  7. linalool0 : 2000µg/g
  8. beta caryophyllene0 : 2000µg/g
  9. humulene0 : 2000µg/g
  10. a-bisabolol0 : 2000µg/g

For more information about Emerald Scientific’s suite of proficiency testing products visit theemeraldtest.com.