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Don't Miss the Spring Emerald Test! Deadline is Wednesday!

We have 56 Labs Across the U.S. and Canada Participating in the Spring Emerald Test. Is Yours?

Nowhere else will you find this depth and breadth of cannabis proficiency testing:

  1. Potency in Solution
  2. Potency in Hemp Oil
  3. Quantitative Pesticides (22 types!)
  4. Residual Solvents (18 types)
  5. Quantitative Microbial Panel 1
  6. Qualitative Microbial Panel 2 – Salmonella (spp)
  7. Qualitative Microbial Panel 3 – STEC (NEW)
  8. Qualitative Microbial Panel 4 – Aspergillus Molds (NEW)
  9. Quantitative Mycotoxins (NEW)
  10. Heavy Metals
  11. Quantitative Terpenes in Hemp Oil

The Emerald Test provides the most valuable proficiency testing in the cannabis industry. Testing provides both internal quality assurance and essential regulatory compliance. This spring includes 3 new tests, and all tests are now available in a hemp matrix. 

Earn the Emerald Badge

When your lab attains the Emerald Badge, you demonstrate a commitment to professional standards of quality along with the best labs in the cannabis testing community.

The Deadline for the Spring PT is 3/28

Go to the Emerald Test for instructions & links to the proficiency tests. 

The Emerald Test