Cannabis Testing Regulations by State: Increase Your Knowledge

Cannabis Testing Regulations by State: Increase Your Knowledge

Posted by Ciara Taylor on Dec 10th 2018

Each state that allows the use of recreational and/or medicinal marijuana has their own set of rules, and regulations. These consist of requirements for growers, processors, retailers and laboratories. Although the accreditation is required, it also varies by state. However, qualified testing brings a reputation obtained by each  in the supply chain that tests and puts the safety and quality of their cannabis or cannabis-laced products a priority. 

In reference to "reputation, Emerald Scientific offers a Proficiency Test, the leading Inter-Laboratory Comparison and Proficiency Test (ILC/PT) program designed to evaluate the accuracy and dependability of lab test results. This program offers the cannabis industry the established standard of testing that is used in the pharmaceutical, food, environmental, water, and petrochemical testing industries.

Legality, Testing, Laws & Regulations of Cannabis by State*

*may not be complete as the regulations change frequently

State Recreational Medical Links
Alabama Illegal CBD oil 0% THC Laws & Regulations
Alaska Legal Legal Marijuana Testing Regulations
Arizona Illegal Legal Arizona Medical Marijuana Program
Arkansas Illegal Legal Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission

Arkansas Department of Health Medical Marijuana Program

California Legal Legal Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation

Medical Cannabis Regulations

Colorado Legal Legal Colorado State Marijuana Resource

Laws & Policies

Application and Licensing

Connecticut Decriminalized Legal Laboratory testing

Medical Marijuana Program

Delaware Decriminalized Legal State of Delaware Medical Marijuana
Florida Illegal Legal Florida cannabis testing regulations

Office of Medical Marijuana Use

Article X Section 29 of the Florida Constitution

Georgia Illegal

Decriminalized in Savannah and Atlanta
CBD oil less than 5% THC Laws & Regulations
Hawaii Illegal Legal Medical Marijuana Laboratory

Medical Marijuana Program

Idaho Illegal

Misdemeanor (85 grams/3 oz. or less)

Illegal Laws & Regulations
Illinois Decriminalized

(civil infraction)

Legal Illinois Administrative Code Database

Laboratory Testing Code

Indiana Illegal

Misdemeanor up to 6 months, $1000 fine

CBD oil less than 0.3% THC, legal for any use Laws & Regulations
Iowa Illegal CBD oil less than 3% THC Laws & Regulations
Kansas Illegal CBD oil containing 0% THC, legal for any use Laws & Regulations
Kentucky Illegal CBD oil containing 0% THC legal for any use Laws & Regulations
Louisiana Illegal Legal Laws & Regulations
Maine Legal Legal Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Program (MMMP)
Maryland Decriminalized Legal Natalie LaPrade Medical Cannabis Commission
Massachusetts Legal Legal Medical Use of Marijuana Program

Laboratory Testing Protocols

Michigan Legal Legal Bureau of Medical Marihuana Regulation
Minnesota Decriminalized Legal Medical Cannabis Rules
Mississippi Decriminalized

(first offense; 30 grams or less)

CBD oil containing 0.5% THC and at least 15% CBD Laws & Regulations
Missouri Decriminalized Legal Laws & Regulations
Montana Illegal Legal Montana Medical Marijuana Program
Nebraska Decriminalized Illegal Laws & Regulations
Nevada Legal Legal Nevada Administrative Code
New Hampshire Decriminalized

(up to three-quarters of an ounce)

Legal Therapeutic Cannabis Program
New Jersey Illegal Legal Medicinal Marijuana Program
New Mexico Illegal

Decriminalized in Albuquerque

Legal Medical Cannabis Program
New York Decriminalized Legal Laboratory Testing Requirements

Medical Marijuana Program

North Carolina Decriminalized CBD oil Laws & Regulations
North Dakota Illegal Legal Medical Marijuana Program
Ohio Decriminalized Legal Medical Marijuana Control Program
Oklahoma Illegal Legal Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority: Testing Overview

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA)

Oregon Legal Legal Marijuana Testing Requirements

Marijuana Labeling, Concentration Limits and Testing

Pennsylvania Illegal Legal Resources for Laboratories

Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program

Medical Marijuana Act

Rhode Island Decriminalized Legal Medical Marijuana Act
South Carolina Illegal CBD oil less than 0.9% THC Laws & Regulations
South Dakota Illegal Illegal Laws & Regulations
Tennessee Illegal CBD oil less than 0.9% THC Laws & Regulations
Texas Illegal CBD oil Laws & Regulations
Utah Illegal Legal Laws & Regulations
Vermont Legal Legal Cannabis Testing for Public Safety – Best Practices for Vermont Analytical Laboratories

Vermont Marijuana Commission

Virginia Illegal CBD oil less than 5% THC Laws & Regulations
Washington Legal Legal Marijuana Laws, Rules and FAQ

Medical Marijuana

Washington D.C Legal Legal Laws & Regulations

Medical Marijuana Program

West Virginia Illegal Legal West Virginia Office of Laboratory Services

West Virginia Office of Medical Cannabis

Wisconsin Illegal Legal Laws & Regulations
Wyoming Illegal CBD oil Laws & Regulations
Puerto Rico Illegal Legal Laws & Regulations