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3 Part Potency Blind Proficiency Test

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Three part potency proficiency test for chromatography. Delta-9 T, CBD, CBN. All components are in the range of 10-1000ug/ml in methanol. Samples are manufactured by an ISO 17043 accredited PT provider and are typically shipped overnight within a week of ordering. After receiving and testing the sample, you submit your data through an electronic data portal. In one to two weeks you will receive a program report in a format suitable for ISO 17025 accreditors and other accreditation/certification programs.

Contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to take a practice PT.

You can purchase a calibration standard for this PT, part number 97837.

NOTE: This is an individual Proficiency Test.

Compound CAS # Concentration
(-)- 9-THC 01972-08-3 10-1000 µg/mL
Cannabidiol 13956-29-1 10-1000 µg/mL
Cannabinol 521-35-7 10-1000 µg/mL